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S o l u t i o n s    t o    y o u r    e v e r y d a y    c h a l l e n g e s !
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We are dedicated to making innovative gadgets and tools that solve today’s everyday challenges. We started back in 2000 with the introduction of OpenX. A Patented tool designed to open those stubborn plastic packages with ease. We were the first tool of its kind and having sold millions worldwide, OpenX has been imitated but not matched.

All of our products have a story. Being aware of everyday challenges and thinking we could do better. KeyRing Magic was next when the owner's wife broke her newly manicured French Tip at the car wash. Realizing how difficult opening those split keyrings were, we developed a simple tool. For PicturePerfect, we recommend you watch the video as it tells the story. Ordinary tubes with an extraordinary difference describes our fillables. Real tubes that are carry-on approved, won't leak and you can squeeze out every last drop!

You have seen many of these items on television and certainly in your favorite stores. Now, you can imprint your information and provide your clients something they keep and use. Most importantly, they will always be reminded where they got them!

Please take a look around. We think you will agree, our products are the perfect solution to those everyday challenges! Best of all... Our products are Products People Keep!





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